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Please refer to our easy-to-follow steps to troubleshoot your massager


If the power switch is on , but your massager still has no power, try switching the power plug to another power source.

Unplug and turn the power button off on your massager to check for a blown fuse. The fuse should pop right out . If it is blown , simply replace it with a new fuse of the same kind inside the box.

The red light will turn on directly when in use. If there is still no red light. Please call the call our customer service to report the issue.

Wintoo’s slimming massager is very easy to use , no charging needed . What you need to do is just plug in to use.

Some may experience itching after a massage. This can be the result of additional stimulation of nerve receptors by the increased circulation.


If already switch on but your massager still has no power. Try to charge the product first before using it again. During charging the red light will appear on top of the screen.

Our new technology from Wintoo does not require replacable battery to use. YT-908 already include with built-in battery and only need to charge it before use.

– Turn the Intensity Adjustment / Power Switch to the “OFF” position.

– Connect the Electrode Cord with the Main Unit.

– Insert the Electrode Cord Plug into the Electrode Cord Jack.

– Connect the Electrode Cord to the Pad.

Wash the Pad when the adhesive surface of Pad becomes dirty and the Pad is difficult to attach.

– Wash the Pads after every thirty uses . Pads can be washed approximately ten times .

– Pads are consumables . Purchase the optional Pad by Wintoo technology sdn.bhd when the adhesive surface is damaged . 

Note : The life of Pad may vary by the frequency of wash , skin condition , and storage state.

The massager is safe to use for normal people without any illness. But the persons with the following conditions must consult the doctor before using this unit.

1) acute disease

2) malignant tumor

3) infectious disease

4) pregnancy

5) cardiac dysfunction

6) high fever

7) abnormal blood pressure

8) skin sensory disorders or skin problems

9) receiving medical treatment, especially those feeling discomfort

Warning : Do not use this unit near the heart , above the neck , on the head , around the mouth or on diseased skin.

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